Dr. Heidi Upneck-Nel

Meet Dr Heidi Upneck-Nel, Chiropractor

Combining Physiology and Natural Health

I love that chiropractic is hands-on. I enjoy the interaction with each individual.”

I’ve always had a strong interest in the way the body works and a more natural approach to health. After I had finished school, I made a list of things I wanted from my career. A chiropractor I met had such enthusiasm for his profession that I had to investigate it further. I already loved physiology and learning. Chiropractic’s holistic approach makes a huge impact!

In my practice now, I look at how I can improve a person’s entire day, rather than just removing their pain.

Empowering Patients to Live Healthier

Heidi studied chiropractic at the Durban University of Technology in South Africa. She practiced there for about 10 years at her own clinic and did locum work before coming to Australia in June 2011. Heidi tries to express the bigger picture of chiropractic to all of our patients at Hunter Chiropractic Collective.

Everyone is at different stages of their journeys with different understandings based on their experiences.

She arms our patients with the tools and knowledge to empower themselves to get great long-term results and live healthier lives.

Helping Families and Children

Heidi enjoys spending her free time with her family. Her young boys take swimming lessons and play hockey. When Heidi isn’t with them, she likes to take up new, hands-on projects.

Heidi’s sons have had a strong influence on her professional life due to her younger son’s autism. Their family has encountered challenges along the way, and Heidi has been made a better practitioner because of her research on autism. She looks forward to meeting area families who are experiencing similar challenges.

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