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Spinal Flow Technique in Maitland

adjusting backAre you seeking a holistic way to foster healing and wellness? At Hunter Chiropractic Collective, we offer the non-invasive Spinal Flow Technique, which aims to release blockages and promote a state of restoration and relaxation. It is designed for people of all ages who are experiencing acute or chronic discomfort.

This technique ideally complements chiropractic practices, enhancing overall wellbeing, particularly for those under high stress. Addressing physical, chemical, and emotional blockages promotes a seamless flow within the nervous system, leading to improved bodily functions.

Who Is It For?

The Spinal Flow Technique suits anyone seeking an alternative to traditional chiropractic methods. This method is particularly beneficial for people with high-stress lifestyles, as it takes the nervous system from a sympathetic (stressed) state to a parasympathetic or calm state. This transition encourages a profound sense of calm and improved physiological function.

Preparing for Your Session

We recommend making simple lifestyle adjustments before your session to enjoy optimal results from the Spinal Flow Technique. Incorporating anti-inflammatory foods, increasing water intake, and regular exercise can enhance the effectiveness of this technique. These simple steps help prepare your body to release spinal blockages and support overall wellness.

The Process and Benefits

The initial consultation with Dr Heidi Upneck-Nel (Chiropractor) lasts about 45 minutes, including a thorough examination to identify blockages along the spine. A subsequent 20-minute session on the bed focuses on accessing specific points to address these blockages, which may be physical, chemical, or emotional in nature. This powerful yet light-touch therapy aims to restore optimal nervous system function, transitioning the body from a state of discomfort to ease.

Following the session, we provide patients with detailed information on how spinal blockages can affect various body functions and guide them on how to support their body’s natural detoxification process. This comprehensive care approach addresses immediate concerns and educates patients on maintaining long-term wellness.

Continuing Your Journey to Wellness

The Spinal Flow Technique offers a structured care program, beginning with an Intensive Care Program and transitioning into the Corrective and Wellness phases. This tailored approach ensures that each individual’s journey to wellness is supported at every step, with the flexibility to adjust based on personal wellness practices and preferences.

Tame Tension and Feel Fantastic

Contact Hunter Chiropractic Collective today to schedule your initial consultation and experience the benefits of the Spinal Flow Technique!



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